Thursday, 11 July 2013


1.DON'T wear full makeup every day. It isn't necessary to wear a full eye design every day … consider a simpler look for your daily life.

2.DON'T skip lip color. Adding a pop of color to your lips can brighten up a washed out face and polish your overall look.

3.DON'T overdo mascara. Clumped mascara is distracting and messy looking.

4.DON'T overdo your eyebrows. Brows that are drawn-on, pencil-thin, overly sparse, strongly arched, or too heavy or thick can make you look older than you really are; plus they can look harsh and dated.

5.DON’T glob on lip gloss. Too much gloss can make it look like you're drooling instead of adding a beautiful shine to your lips.

6.DON'T get carried away with glitter and shine. A little extra shine or glitter can spice up an evening look, but during the day it's just distracting.

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