Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Hi guys gist for today na about Davido and the girl wey him Bang for kenya oo. like seriously we all know all them girls want to have fun with celebs for money but this girl said she nec=ver wanted money from him
 read her interview below
So what is all this wahala about Davido blocking you off of his facebook?
Pendo : If people had done even a little research, they would know that Davido does not even have a Facebook account. I NEVER said I was in touch with him through Facebook. I got in touch with him through a good friend of his *redacted* and that’s where everything started. He did the intro.
So, seriously, did you sleep with Davido?
Pendo: Errrrrrrrrrrm (laughs cheekily) (There is IRREFUTABLE proof that Pendo did spend the night with Nigerian superstar, if you want to see it plead with her on twitter @LoveStaicey to release it.) In the meantime, have this picture of Davido, unclad, in his hotel room from his personal instagram. Maybe Pendo took it #troll
So why did you do this? Do you do this for money?
Pendo: (Laughs) No, I didn’t get money from him. I didn’t WANT money from him. I did it simply cuz I find him hot and he is pretty legit in the music industry in Africa. Yeah, I am attracted by his talent, his fame, his power, but honestly, who isn’t? And people are talking so much because a lot of women wanted to be in my shoes, but were not. I’m not afraid to go after what I want. That’s just me. And I am unapologetic for it. I am content that I got what I wanted -which was to know him- and I guess it just naturally progressed from there…

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  1. Abi make I hear word me self I b stud tell dat 2 d marines show me a gal dat goes after a famous guy not 2 talk of a celeb and says is not 4 d moni and I will show u a liar, slut, gold-digger and an orcs mtchewww on 2 d next one