Wednesday, 31 July 2013


 Some guys were caught at Badagry and accused of robbing the area, this one na another (ALUU) killing OOo but this happened just at badagry, they were said to be guilty of robbery.that is to say,they were two guys guys one was an undergraduate of Delsu called ify Nwainokpor,and his friend was kazeem. ''they were passing the are when the police arrested them''. one mob in the video was shouting ''die.die,burn them, burn them'' in fact ehn.I DON TIRE FOR THIS WORLD WEY they this world oo.. They were beating to death and swallowed in their own blood too sad.. i pray the victims parents get the heart to get over it soon..we sympathize.  to read more,

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  1. Is so sad dat such barbaric act r still happen in dis country we were so quick 2 condemn ALUU community in fact d place has become a taboo no it happenin in lagos badagry 2 b precise wats goin on well I blame d govt 4 not convictin those ALUU criminals and lettin dem free now every tom dick and harry feels he can get away wit such let raise up and say enof of dis atrocities in dis country haven't we had enof killing when did strollin ur area make u a suspect and dey cont follow due course dey should b dealt wit smh may the soul of the faithful departed rest in the bossom of the almighty Amen