Monday, 15 July 2013

ENTERTAINMENT:BRAD PITT has an extremely understanding missus.

ANGELINA JOLIE gave him a leave of absence from his father/husband duties to go on the rip – after dealing with the stress of her recent double mastectomy.
And Brad took full advantage.
A source said: “Brad chose to get on the booze in France and Italy once Ange told him to take a break.
“She could tell he needed to let his hair down after a stressful few months, so told him to go and have a boozy week with his mates and get it out of his system.”
Brad stayed at a pad in southern France owned by Microsoft co-founder PAUL ALLEN and in the past fortnight has been on benders with U2’s BONO and LARRY MULLEN.
Brad also travelled to GEORGE CLOONEY’s villa in Italy to stay for three nights.
He’d better have picked up a box of Cadbury Roses at duty free on his way home.

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