Tuesday, 23 July 2013

LIFESTYLE:Man Who Hasn't Had He's Bath For 37 Years. SEE PHOTO

CHOI!!!!!!!!! People no go kill us ooooooo,,,, i wonder how india go smell reach
Mr Singh, 65, has not bathed or cut his 6ft-long dreadlocks since 1974, shortly after he married.Explaining his unconventional decision, Mr Singh claimed a priest guaranteed him a much-prized son and heir if he followed the advice.Despite neighbours joking the sweaty farmer would be lucky persuade his wife to have any children at all, his religious guidance clearly failed - he has seven daughters.

Mr Singh spends his days tending cows in 47C heat, yet the only 'cleansing' he does allow himself is a 'fire bath' each evening, which involves smoking marijuana, praying to the Hindu Lord Shiva and dancing around a bonfire.His long-suffering family admit they did once tried to force him into a stream.'He fought us off and ran away,' said wife Kalavati Devi, 60.

'We've tried several times since to force him to have a shower but he puts up such a fuss.'He says he'd rather die than take a bath and only a son could change
his mind.
all this is because he wants a male child what is even in this male child sef??

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