Saturday, 13 July 2013

ENTERTAINMENT: They said There is love in Sharing,Selly is Selling her Selling Point,She Sold STD To Nando

The sexuality of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa took a wilder turn. We all know how the housemates of big brothers africa  Nando alleged that Ghana’s Selly had infected him with a sexually transmitted disease.
In a hushed conversation between Nando and Bimp, Nando narrated how he got infected with an STD after his liason with Selly.
Selly & Nando had appeared close from the very first day, even though the Tanzanian had maintained that he didn’t want a serious relationship.
But after falling ill recently, Nando has declared that it was his romp with Selly that got him infected with Chlamydia.
Nando had told Bimp: “You know I hate that bi*ch ! I’m bleeping frustrated cos that bi*ch *Selly* gave me STD! That’s why my blood pressure was high yesterday!”
Selly has, on multiple occasions though, denied having sex with Nando.

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